Weekend Getaway Travel Tips


What comes to mind when you think baby? Heart Eyes!!!  And what comes to mind when you think about a vacation? Yes please!!
Now what about baby AND vacation together?  Uh oh? No way José? Don’t let having a baby change your adventurous lifestyle or be an excuse to not travel. At only 4 months old, my baby Brooklyn has already mastered 2 plane flights, multiple 6+ hour road trips & and we have more camping trips, international travel and long road trips on the near horizon. To some, this might seem absolutely crazy; but in all honesty, Brooklyn and I actually do better when we’re out and about. Although it might mean a little extra work, bringing your baby along makes travel that much more memorable. And let’s be honest… if you’re the adventurous type, baby is going to have to get used to it sooner or later — so why not start the fun now! 

What and how to pack:
The #1 complaint I hear when it comes to traveling with a baby is, TOO MUCH STUFF! It doesn’t have to be this way. Leave the bulky stash of diapers and wipes at home and buy them once you’re at your destination.  A few key items that we don’t travel without are the Dockatot for sleeping (replaces the need for a crib), Ergobaby carrier (instead of a stroller), a small portable space heater, and of course the diaper bag packed with the daily essentials.  Packing can be stressful; so pack early to make the departure as smooth as possible. For longer trips, don’t bother lugging around the stroller or pack-and-plays. There are lots of resources out there for renting as well. Make sure in the rush of packing that you don’t forget the milk and/or pacifier (especially for air travel). The sucking motion while taking off and landing will relieve pressure from your baby’s ears.
Built-in babysitter support crew:
Traveling alone is great, but there are added perks to inviting family, friends or another couple… We’ve found that our loved ones jump at the chance to bond more with baby while at the same time giving you the chance to take a load off.  Take advantage of it & get a few runs in down the mountain and enjoy a proper non-rushed meal.

Breastfeeding during travel:
If it weren’t already a hard enough job, feeding your little one while traveling can definitely be a challenge. Plan ahead of time so you can feed your baby right before and after travel. If a feed is needed during travel, a pump might come in handy. It can eliminate stops as well as the worry of trying to figure out how to warm and store expressed milk.  
When to travel:      
Now’s the time to travel! In the first years of your baby’s life you will find that added cost to have them as a travel companion is next to nothing. If you’re on Maternity leave, take advantage of not having to use those precious vacation hours. What if you’re back at work? No problem, plan some fun weekend getaways. Make the time to get away with your baby.  You will be glad you did.
So what are you waiting for?  Go plan the next adventure and remember the best memories are made on the road!

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