Walk, Squat, Feed, Repeat.


Long gone are the glorious days of being “up in the gym just working on my fitness”. This has been one of the hardest changes for me personally as a new mom. Since a young age, I have loved to exercise. It makes me feel good, gives me energy, and a positive attitude. From running to bootcamp, gym rat to yoga, Pilates to Barre, spin to Crossfit, I have done it all. Five years ago, I found my workout niche and routine that I stuck to, Pilates + Barre + Walking. This combination made me strong, lean, flexible, and positive. Through my pregnancy, I did a few days of Pilates or Barre per week and walked almost everyday, even if it was just taking my dog around the block. By the end of my pregnancy, I felt amazing and I believe staying active helped keep excess weight away. I just assumed that after having Emma, it would be easy to continue exercising the same amount I was used to. Maybe it is for some moms! However, for myself, it is hard to get back into a consistent routine and make it to the different classes I love. Part of it is lack of motivation, part of it is needing someone to hang out with Emma for an hour or two, and the third part is the list of house to-do’s that I think of when I actually do have some time.


BUT THERE IS HOPE!!! After five months of motherhood, here are the top tips I have for the madres who love to exercise:

1. Get out and walk, girlfriend! Push a stroller, jog with your jogger, wear your baby, do whatever you do and get outside! You will feel rejuvenated, you will get your heart rate up, you will clear your head, and the cherry on top…MOST young babies sleep when you are walking! Plus, any furry friends in the house? They are most likely missing your pre-baby routine with them of playing, walking, or running – so have them tag along.

2. Get on the floor with your babe! How often are we laying on the ground next to our babies play mat? Take that opportunity to get in a few leg lifts, crunches, stretching, or whatever else will give you a little fitness boost.

3. Do squats EVERYDAY! Even if you only get 10 in, your booty will thank you. Do them while you hold your baby, while you brush your teeth, before bed, or in the kitchen while throwing a simple meal together.

4. Ask Daddy for an hour! No plans this weekend? Ask your hubby if he will hang with your little while you go get some much needed “me” time. He and babe will get to bond and you can get to that Yoga, Barre, Pilates, or Crossfit class you love attending.

You are stronger than ever, Madre! You just gave birth to a human being! So keep up the good work and do what makes you feel good!


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Photos: Tony Wodarck Photography

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