Meet Shannon

Hi there! I’m Shannon Bannan. Welcome to our blog. I am a wife to my high school sweetheart and first love, Phil, and mother to my beautiful baby girl, Brooklyn Betsy Bannan (BBB) & daughter to my Heavenly Father. I’m 28 years old, born and raised in Newport Beach, California and now reside in the historic yet quaint beach town of San Juan Capistrano. Whether it be a long beach day, weekend camping, or traveling the world, our family loves everything adventure. Other than being a full-time mom, I am an avid surfer/ snowboarder, fitness/ health enthusiast, and for work: a Sales and Customer Service Manager for Riviera Paddlesurf. My passions are outdoor adventures, game nights in, quality time with friends and family, healthy living and the newest and greatest passion – anything and everything BABY!!

I am excited to share my mom experiences, recommendations, advice and stories with you. My passion and ultimate goal for this blog is to help you through this amazing and rewarding time of life we call motherhood, and that this becomes a community where we can grow together in the midst of our never-ending to-do-lists, laundry piles, sleepless nights, highs, lows, cries and smiles… After all, us Moms need to stick together, right? I find so much inspiration from other mothers; the proof is in this blog.  I am grateful and blessed to have Kayla and Sammy as not only besties, but also as my support crew as we conquer motherhood together. Honestly, every day would probably end in a breakdown without these two…  Being the 3rd in line (Brooklyn the youngest of our 3 babies), I have been able to lean on them as my constant Google search and code-red hotline. Similar to what I have gained from these Madres, my hope is that you will find something in our blog that reaches you and allows you to grow as a confident, best-you-can-be mother. Let’s do this!  🙂


Photos: Tony Wodarck Photography

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