Meet Sam

Hey friends!

I’m stoked you’re checking out the site. I’m Sam Wodarck (pronounced wood-ark, like Noah’s boat), one of the 3 madres! I’m 28 years old…soon to be 29, but that’s just scarily close to 30, so let’s stick to 28 and never update this portion, k? K! I’m the proud wifey of Tony Wodarck & the mama of miss Sicily Mae. I absolutely love being Tony’s wife & Sicily’s mama! Those are my most prized titles for sure! Tony & I have been married over 2 years and we just had miss Sicily Mae in July of 2016. We live in the quaint town of San Juan Capistrano (in south Orange County for those of you unfamiliar with it). I am a proud daughter of the King & give all praise to Him.

So that’s a little about me & my fam but let’s get to the good stuff. I love great food, good wine, soy lattes & pizza for days. I mean, who doesn’t right? I love spending time with my hubby & my lil babes. Sleeping in & snuggling on a Saturday is my absolute dream day. I love random road-trips spent in new towns & staying in cute Airbnb’s. Summer beach days with friends that turn into BBQ nights are good for my soul.

Honestly, being a madre is the greatest joy I’ve ever known! I can’t wait to share with you how I survive being a mom and working full-time, dealing with separation sadness while away from my baby, finding time for wining & dining with my hubs, and maintaining my relationships with my family & friends. I’ve fully embraced my new title as “mama” and I’m excited for us girls to get to share some of our Madre essentials, our favorite mama & baby products, small businesses to support, and more! I’m so blessed to have my bestie’s Kayla & Shan going through this journey with me! I couldn’t do it without them. I lean on them so much for advice, tips, and affirmation!

Thanks for joining our Madre-Tribe! I can’t wait to get to know you all better!

Much love always!



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