Madres Go To Mammoth

Since the girls were born last summer and even more so since we all returned to work, weekends have a whole new meaning. The workload has increased, the sleep decreased, but the fun keeps on coming.

Long drives, sleep schedules thrown off, traveling with a 5, 6, and 7 month old… sounds very daunting.  But getting out of the house with the Madres and babies this weekend was a blast and oh so worth it (the best snow in 20 years didn’t hurt either)!

From some much needed R&R together with our hubbies (ps: the husbands make great baby sitters when the Madres hit the slopes), to fun family dinners, board games, rosé, snow-shoeing through the meadow, and snowy conditions on the slopes –we didn’t skip a beat and the sweetest memories were made.

Even though it will take a week to recover, the house cleaning and laundry have piled up, and our babies’ schedules are a bit out of wack… the lasting memories were well worth it and our babies’ eyes have been opened to some beautiful winter weather and good ol’ fashioned family fun.

Stay tuned for the next Tres Madres weekend getaway, and in the meantime, take our advice and get out there and make some memories of your own!!!


The Madres



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